3 Must-have Summer Linen Items

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Linen is a functional and luxurious fabric which has been part of man’s evolution for a very long time. Today, it is still widely used in the production of beautiful summer clothes, such as white tunic dresses that keeps the skin cool during the summer heat. Although, the benefits of this fashionable fabric as gone beyond summer needs, most people feel use it during that time of the year. Below are 3 must-have linen items for summer. 

Green Linen Apron

A Natural fabric like the green linen apron makes the perfect choice for your kitchen outfit. Designed to make you look cute and comfortable while you prepare that family meal, the functionality of the green linen apron blends so well with the beautiful style - it is versatile and durable. It has a natural cooling/ventilation ability and two accessible pockets for your daily kitchen essentials such as your favourite recipies. The stone washed green linen apron is not only comfortable, stylish, and functional, but it is also easy to maintain (wash). All of our linen aprons made from 100% linen that have been pre-washed and will not shrink. This incredible piece of fabric is not the only one suitable for your kitchen; there are also sets of linen tea towels that are very nifty when cleaning hands or been used as placemats

Dusty Rose Linen Bedding Set

In terms of choosing the right bedding, the best choice to opt for is stone washed dusty rose linen bedding set. It is natural, sustainable, affordable, breathable and stylish. Dusty Rose Linen Bedding Set, made from 100% linen, is recommended because it showcases the advantages of handmade and stonewashed linen over cotton beddings, one of which is lasting longer without the need for any special maintenance. It can also adapt to both low and high temperatures conditions and help to maintain a high quality sleep. It is perfect for adults and children with allergies as our linen bedding is OEKO-tex certified, so free from harmful chemicals and kind to your skin. 

Lavender Linen Tablecloth

The lavender linen tablecloth is an addition to the interior décor of the home, as it comes in various shades and sizes - it brings emotions to life. If you feel like brightening up the breakfast, stone washed lavender linen tablecloth combines well with tea towels to give you a colorful meal experience and make it all simple and classic.  Decorative, clean and fresh lavender linen tablecloth gets softer after every wash, and it also absorbs moisture. Hence, it is sure to make your summer chic and lit. 


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