How to care for your linen bedding?

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With the raise of environmental responsibility and healthier lifestyles, natural fibers like linen, wool or silk have gained a well-deserved popularity. You have surely heard about the benefits natural fibers have, but you aren't sure how to keep your linen bedding in pristine condition. We will explain how to keep linen bedding, linen sheets or any other linen fabric items looking great and keeping their amazing properties.


Linen is the perfect choice for you and your home, from clothing to bedding, or even home decorations. It is a fabric that doesn't lose its shape, helps you regulate your temperature in hot or cold weather; it is also hypoallergenic, lightweight and very beautifully textured.

And, even better, it is more eco-friendly than other fabrics, as the flax plant is very easy to cultivate.

Up until recently, a common misconception was that linen bedding is hard to maintain and too pretentious for the busy lives we are leading. While it does require a little extra care, it is more about keeping the maintenance simple and natural. Here are a few rules to follow:


One of the best things about linen bedding is that it gets softer with every wash. Just make sure you wash the linen bedding at a low temperature. We recommend, though, selecting a gentle wash cycle of around 40°C/104°F with the low spin. You should not overload your washing machine as linen items need to be washed in plenty of water to remove excess detergent and avoid age-spots. A mild detergent will do.


As we said before, linen needs simple, natural care. The best way to dry your linen bedding and other linen fabrics is to hang them to air dry.

But don't worry, technology can still be used to make our lives easier. Don't be afraid to put your linen bedding in the tumble drier. As long as it's set on low temperature and finish off the drying outside.


Ironing linen is optional. Stonewashed linen bedding does have the tendency to wrinkle, and it gets a relaxed fabric texture that many people love. But if you need your linen bedding items to look smoother, you can iron them on the lowest setting. You should iron the linen while it is still damp to ovoid over-drying and fabric shrinking. If your linen has dried out, then spraying a little water with will help to iron the linen bedding quicker and easier.




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