Luxurious Linen Apron for the Cooking Diva

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Linen is a luxurious and functional fabric that’s been a part of man’s evolution for more than 30,000 years. Linen softens with every wash. It has been part of most civilizations’ culture and economy. It is still widely used today in beautiful summer clothes, such as white tunic dresses, cooling your skin in the summer heat. It has always been a fabric that symbolized wealth, prestige, and luxury.

Linen comes from the fiber of the flax plant. It is not as elastic as other fibers and not as easy to weave as other fibers and clothing materials. Linen fabric has the advantage of being durable and easily adapts to body temperature and the environment, which is cooling and light on the skin. And for this advantage, Emperors, Pharaohs, princes and princesses, and ancient people with discerning tastes always chose it as the fabric for clothes, covers, sheets and even burial clothes. At one point, Egyptians used linen as a currency. It’s been found in diggings around Europe dating back to the BCs, reveal fibers, colorants, weaving tools and the cloth

So why wear a linen apron? Our linen aprons are stylish yet practical. As a natural cloth, linen has the advantage of natural cooling or ventilation, and these aprons come with two handy pockets. Not only are they comfortable, stylish, and practical, but they are also easy to wash. Our linen aprons are ideal for professional chefs and the family meal gatherings as well.

Here are our three linen apron hot picks, with beautiful colors in the classic bib style:

The beige and white color of linen is still number one and when incorporated with white stripes – a classic style. You can’t go wrong in this neutral number, that not only protects your outfit, but keeps you looking fresh as you prepare for your next meal. It is also stonewashed and softened to the perfection for additional comfort.

The stonewashed plum linen apron is great to set the festive mood around your kitchen. While you are preparing your famous, hard to replicate dishes and you’re already in your favorite little black number, nothing exudes more sophistication, style and comfort than a plum colored linen apron.

The green linen apron is perfect for anyone who wants something neutral but isn’t afraid of some color as well. The earthy green tone of this apron looks good in any kitchen and is great for casual cooking and entertaining.

Now who said you can’t look good with an apron. Luxurious and lovely linen aprons in different colors can add to your style while being the kitchen Diva.


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