Why Linen is the Fabric of Summer

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Summertime promises lots of fun. An ideal time for picnics and much needed vacations, we expectantly look forward to the summer each year. As with each season of the year, an integral part of our preparation for the season involves reviewing the contents of our wardrobe. As the temperature swelters and humidity levels rise, we don’t want to ruin the fun with the wrong set of clothes.

Linen: Bubbly comfort for the ideal summer

As the roses begin to sparkle and the flowers bloom with vibrant colors, our dressing must also rise to the occasion. Few materials offer us the effervescent color combinations that linen affords us. But that’s not the only reason why linens are an ideal summer choice. For one thing, much of the summer fun is derived from battling the heat. And no material comes close to linen in doing just that.

Considered a “stiff” fabric, linen is not as clingy as most. Its intricate weaves and special fibers allows more airflow over the body, ensuring that you breathe easy despite the heat. Easily absorbent, your linen clothing will quickly soak up the perspiration from your skin. And as the soft summer breeze blows it off your skin, it quickly evaporates and dries off.

So, linen is known for its high absorbency property and its general coolness. Unlike cotton or wool, undoubtedly ideal materials for the winter, linen is a beautiful summer choice. A good conductor of heat, the fabric easily conveys heat through it, ensuring that heat doesn’t get trapped in. As the summer temperatures rise, you will surely find the soothing comfort of lightweight linen materials welcoming.

Brighten your summer with quality linen materials

As your skin benefits from the use of quality linen, so too does your home. Its bright summer colors will put you in perfect sync with summer conditions, ensuring pleasurable conditions for the perfect summer. To give you the perfect summer, we have provided some ideal linen materials for your home use.

1. Dusty Rose Linen bedding set: Made from 100% pure linen, this handmade bedding set is soft to the skin and utterly refreshing. This matching bed sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases, make for a soothing relaxation at bedtime after the daily struggles come to an end. Its temperature regulating properties ensure that you rest easy without the beddings getting all clammy from the summer heat.

2. Striped Linen tablecloth: Bring a touch of minimalist vintage design to your kitchen with this stone washed linen tablecloth. Easy to care for, this tablecloth is a perfect choice as you enjoy heartwarming family meals and refreshing brunches.

3. Green Linen Apron: Make cooking fun even as the temperature rises around you. The kitchen is typically known for its heat, which is only exacerbated by the rising summer temperatures. Made from 100% stonewashed linen, this apron is a go-to companion for the summer.

Who doesn’t appreciate keeping cool in the summer? As you turn to your air conditioning for some much needed calming air, be sure to keep your wardrobe and your material choices in tune with the season.


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