Why you should upgrade your bedding from cotton to linen?

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The fabrics and technologies you choose for your sleeping area will greatly affect the quality of your sleep, and proper rest is crucial for your well-being and health. When it comes to bedding, the best choice is linen. Natural, affordable, sustainable, breathable and fashionable. Did we just cover all your needs? Yes, and the all-compelling, wonderful solution we recommend to you is linen bedding.
For a lot of people, cotton seems the best choice for bedding, but here are some of the reasons you might upgrade to linen bedding.


linen bedding set with a model lying on the bed


 Linen fabric will last longer

While cotton stretches, gets thinner and loses its qualities over time, linen gets softer with every wash. The fibers soften and become more flexible, being more pleasant to the touch each time. Linen doesn't need any special attention, just simple, natural cleaning with warm water and mild soap.


Linen will feel good in both cold and warm seasons

Buying linen bedding is a smart investment, not only because of its durability, but also its adaptability to both low and high temperatures. Being so breathable, it helps you regulate your body temperature, so that you will feel warm during winter and cool during summer, using the same linen duvet cover. Cotton is similar, but not nearly as good at conducting heat.
Linen looks amazing

It's not surprising that many celebrities choose linen bedding and that it's been a luxury good for so long: it looks amazing and it brings a rustic, authentic elegance to your bedroom. Cotton tends to become boring and plain, plus it wears out faster and gives away its age more easily.The texture of the flax fibers varies on the length of the thread, giving linen a really nice, grainy finish. It comes in many colors and shades and it always looks natural and luxurious.


striped linen bedding set


People with allergies should choose linen

Only people with allergies can know how bad it is to have improper, irritating bedding. Cotton is a safe choice as well, but it wears out quickly if you wash it frequently. Linen is perfect for your bedding, as it absorbs moisture really well, it ventilates easily and is not bacteria-friendly. It is also highly recommended for children's bedding. You should invest in linen pillow cases, at least,if not the whole bedding sets.




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