About Us

About Us

Founded on our passion for textiles and interior design, Iconic Linen aims to bring you the highest quality beddings and homeware accessories. We combine artistry with our textile expertise in order to give our products individuality, craftsmanship and a touch of timeless personality. All of our collections are manufactured in Lithuania, a country notorious for its skilled local craftsmen and a century’s worth of sewing traditions.  We pride ourselves on high quality stonewashed linen designed in a classic yet modernist manner and at a world class standard.

Luxuriously soft and warm, our linen is produced from 100% European Flax. Naturally breathable, our products are stonewashed and softened to perfection so you can experience the highest calibre of textile luxury without the price tag.  Our aim is to deliver the products that will transform your household. Through our beautiful textures, and carefully handcrafted products, Iconic Linen evokes a relaxed feel that will make you want to come home forever.

 Our philosophy

Home is where the heart is. Iconic Linen brings a modernist touch to traditionally crafted home textiles. They’re our products, but it’s your story to tell. With our wide range of high luxury linen textiles, you can now transform your household into the safe haven that you’ve always dreamed of.

 Our aim is to help you create your perfect calming place.

 Iconic Linen always strives to

  • Bring you beautifully created linen products
  • Deliver high quality textiles without the luxury price tag
  • Only use Oeko-Tex certified fabrics that are natural and chemical free
  • Lead you to a healthy living
  • Turn your house into a home